Other ways of contributing

Become a collaborator

Do you have an idea? Do you have any particular skills or experience that you want to “donate” to the organization?Get in contact with us and we can work together.

The organization was set up with the help of parents and friends with ideas, resources and a lot of willingness to help.

Join us..

Create your event

If you are taking part in a sports race, a marathon, a competition…create your event at:

Are you in a band or a theatre group? Are you part of a choir? Do you belong to a group that creates fun, sporty or artistic events…? Get in touch with us. A meal with friends, a birthday party or drinks with colleagues are all good opportunities to spread the word about the organisation and Izas. Turn that special event into a show of solidarity.


Contribute with just one euro a month. Mention it at work and to your friends.

Spread the word

Share our website on social networks, talk about Izas, our organization and the project.