Hospital stays

There exists a charter for the rights of children in hospital, which is on display in many children’s hospitals, though it is not very specific, or at least leaves much room for interpretation. It must be respected.

Be with your child if they want you when they take blood, when they put in a drip, when they give an injection. Of course, while you shouldn’t interfere in these procedures, the child will feel safer and less alone with his parents.
Don’t let them impose rules which could be harmful to your child. For example, Izas was made to bathe daily, even though she had atopic skin and bathing is absolutely not recommended.

Make sure that those providing treatment are always respectful to your child.
Don’t let them limit visitors. Visits from siblings and friends are necessary for all parties, – your sick child will receive an important dose of care and affection from children of a similar age, and siblings can follow the evolution of the illness.

An ongoing issue in many hospitals, including children’s hospitals, is making them more welcoming. You are the parents, and no one knows better than you what makes your child most comfortable, what they’re needs are in terms of affection, emotionally, play, intimacy, treatment… make sure these are respected.