At the core of the association is Izas, our daughter, who after receiving a wrong diagnosis and eventually overcoming the numerous obstacles that the medical administration imposed before she could be admitted to a leading national hospital, was diagnosed with a terminal illness – the cancer of the brain known as gliomatosis cerebri.

When your child is diagnosed with cancer, your world is turned upside down. When you discover this cancer is on the brain, you feel like you are falling down a well. When this cancer is untreatable and incurable…a chasm opens, a bottomless pit: your child is going to die.

It is not acceptable that Izas did not have a chance to fight, it is not; it is not acceptable that there are no research projects or clinical trials for gliomatosis, it is not acceptable that specialists had not even heard of this disease. This is where the origin for the association lies; we want to know, we want to find a cure, we want our children to live longer, and to live life a good life, something that Izas was unable to do. But we hope that other children can. That they carry on being the children we kiss, the siblings that play and confide in each other.

This is our way of holding on to Izas, her hand still in ours, fighting on her behalf, with her and for the rest.

Izas e Ixeya

On this journey, her sister Ixeya will play a fundamental part; she, as much as (if not more than) all of us, wants research to move forward, she wants children to have all the resources available and she wants a high quality medical team. She suffered so much when Izas was first admitted and started receiving treatment, and she will never forget it.

At only 4 years old she had to face Izas’s illness, learning to care for her, to communicate with her in other ways. She had to face her diagnosis, her death, and she is still trying to adapt to life without Izas, her sister, her companion, her friend.