Thank you

Thank you

Before we begin this project, I must publicly thank the Sant Joan de Deu hospital for all of the effort, dedication and determination that they showed from the first day they met Izas.

We arrived there full of hope, confident that they could confirm the diagnosis of ADEM she had been given in Zaragoza, and that they would give us alternatives, new forms of treatment; in short, that our Izas would return to being the healthy, happy girl that she always was.

Scans, tests, needles, clinical sessions with various medics…they never threw in the towel, always looking, researching; until they arrived at another diagnosis, gliomatosis cerebri.

How many doctors saw to Izas? I don’t know, but they certainly did not hold back when it came to resources, doctors and nurses.

Dr. Pineda replied to our email whilst on holiday – on New Year’s Day, Doctor Verónica answered the calls that came from the office when she wasn’t there, Dr. Ofelia, unwell at home when Izas died, still knew what was happening…

Dr. Pineda, your opinions were always so clear, assertive and always gave us such peace of mind. What a shame that even you couldn’t do anything. Thank you.

Verónica, I often think back to those conversations in which you explained each step to me, every new test, what you were looking for, what you were finding… shared uncertainty. After all, and this may seem ridiculous, but the fact that you always remembered that Izas didn’t like having her feet touched, for me places you in a league of your own. Thank you.

Ofelia, it is so difficult knowing you; not that you can help it. You were the deliverer of the worst news any parents can hear, and despite this… we respect you immensely, we thank you so much for your sincerity and directness when answering our questions. And now? We are hugely appreciative that you have given us the chance to keep on fighting – without you, it wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you.

To the team of palliative carers, Jessica, Josep, Marta, Rocío, Sergi and Vanessa; no-one wants to have to know you, no-one wants you in their child’s bedroom, and yet, you are so necessary, you are so important during these moments, you did so much for Izas. Thank you.
Andrea, Sergio from gastro, Wendy, Montse, Puri, Conchita from rehabilitation, Raúl, Jose, Asun from spiritual support… and everyone that was with Izas, although I can’t remember all the names, I do remember your smiles, your devotion, all the care you put in, not only for Izas, but also for Ixeya and for us, THANK YOU; thank you for the medical treatment, thank you for all the affection she received, thank you for everything.
To Ángel, Gloria and Gemma, for the support and help we received afterwards, for listening to us.

To all those who were bringing up the rear, to those that we didn’t meet but without whom the Sant Joan de Deu hospital wouldn’t be what it is, a place where there are children with illnesses and not ill children, thank you.
To the teachers at school, for the way they embraced Ixeya, to the girls from musical therapy who learnt Izas’s favourite songs (that weren’t part of the repertoire), a little ship, made from a nut shell and decorated with paper sails… to the volunteers, especially Fernando, you are always in our hearts, to Leticia from Make-a-Wish, who managed to get Dora the Explorer to visit Izas…

In short, we were looking for a cure, which we didn’t find, but Izas could not have been in a better place, nor with better professionals and people than you.

Like I have told you more than once, I could go on thanking you forever.

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